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Is this vendor right for me??

Many people, when looking for vendors question the vendor prices. That won’t determine if the vendor has good quality hair. So, never turn a vendor down because their prices seem to low. You prefer a vendor prices to be reasonable in order to make a profit. Buying a vendor list may be a good idea, but if a lot of people are buying the same vendor what makes your hair better than the net companies bundles? How is the vendor’s communication? Do they also drop ship if needed? How much is shipping, what is the shipping time frame, and lastly, what kind of customers are you trying to attract? These are just a few question to ask yourself while doing your research. Once one of the vendors has gotten your attention and you order your sample bundles it’s now time for the test. Shed test, color test, wash and air dry, check for dirty lace and weft. This is uncommon but could happen.Get the hair installed and take it for a spin. After about 3 or 4 week if the bundles are still in good condition you just might have a WINNER!

Your vendor should be like that long distant friend that you rarely see. My vendors and I all have a great relationship. I get happy holiday messages. They send me updates about my shipping.I even get a discount on top of the wholesale prices. You want a vendor you can trust and build a relationship with.DON’T pull your hair out looking for a vendor.Take your time!!!

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